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Contains: litsea cubeba, sweet orange, cedarwood, eucalyptus, lavender, lemongrass, palmarosa, patchouli, peppermint, spearmint, tangerine

This blend lends support to vibrationally balancing all aspects of the physical, emotional, and mental bodies.


Engaging the “feeling centers” of the body, this blend vibrationally resonates inner peace and well being.

Contains: tangerine, sweet orange, rosemary, and white camphor. Placement: heart center (fourth chakra).

Devi Essentials, aromatherapeutic 100% pure essential oil blends are designed to vibrationally open the channels within the physical and multi-dimensional bodies to assist with healing, clearing, achievement or a deeper spiritual connection. Devi Essentials consists of 22 essential oil blends, 7 essential oil chakra blends and Rudrani’s signature perfume blend, DEVI, all which have been lovingly hand poured and bottled individually. Each blends is created with 100% pure organic essential oils and during an infusion meditative process, I commune with the ‘divine feminine’ aspects of the infinite Universe. Each blend carries a specific signature vibration to assist one’s energetic field to resonate their desired outcome. Find the right Devi Essentials blend to unlock your potential!

Devi Essentials jewelry are hand made with pure sterling silver, semi-precious stones and/or genuine leather as one-of-a-kind individual pieces designed with the energy of love and gratitude. Each unique bracelet and necklace posses the vibratory intentions of many prayers and meditations. If a piece speaks to you directly, know you have found your vibrational match! Each design is package beautifully for gift giving as well.

Now about Devi Essentials oil blends:

You may ask yourself what makes these blends so special? They are hands down the purest and highest quality available in the world. Before each batch is made, rigorous testing is done to be sure that the oils are organic and that they are not cut with lower quality oils, possessing the highest aromatherapeutic properties available. Once these blends are created, I facilitate a special meditation process with the energies of the ‘Divine Mother’ to infuse them with vibratory match of the intention they were created for.

The therapeutic grade essential oils in Devi Essentials can play a big part in stress reduction, balanced heart rate, hunger control and sexual desire, all because of its inter-relationship with the limbic system. Whether the oils are placed on the body or inhaled directly, the odor molecules will travel to their limbic destination and create the appropriate neurochemicals to affect a physical response. Coupled with this special vibrational meditation process these blends, I feel, make them more potent than anything you’ll find on the market.


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Copyright by Rudrani Devi. All rights reserved.

Copyright by Rudrani Devi. All rights reserved.